Apartments, Condos and Living Centers

Increase sales, rentals and residents with Google Map Business View tour of your property!

Make it easy for property buyers, renters and residents to see all the amenities your facility has to offer without them having to leave home (until they’re ready to make a deal). Now your apartment, model home or condominium can be seen and experienced 24/7 by potential customers via Google Maps, your Google Places page, as well as your website or Social Media pages.

What can Google Business Maps Business View photos do for your property business?

  • Allow customers to get a true feel for your property facilities, amenities and living space.
  • Stand out on Google search with an enhanced Google business listing.
  • Potentially improve your Google+ Local listing rank with an enhanced listing.
  • Easily embed your 360 degree virtual tour into your property’s website and Social Media pages.

A Google Maps Business View photos package includes:

  • Photography session of your location by a Google Business View Trusted Photographer.
  • Creation of a full 360-degree panoramic tour of your facility including your exercise area, pool, recreation area, etc. (if applicable).
  • Creation of a set of 10 “feature” still photographs for your Google+ Local page.
  • One time cost for photography, tour creation and upload to Google search.
  • Your tour and images are hosted free by Google – no hosting fees or recurring costs!
  • Panoramic tour and still images are displayed on your Google Places page, in regular Google search results, and within Google Maps.